No Wifi, a Cold Shower, and Functional Medicine……

What do downed Wifi, a cold shower, and Functional Medicine have in common?  Well let me start by telling you a little story.

Yesterday, Sunday January 21st, at the Jester family household we were having a little trouble with our cable, phone, and internet.  We realized the issue when we received a text alert from our cellular carrier that we had used all of our high speed data.  But how?  We weren’t on our devices, we were getting ready to watch the Eagles play the Vikings for the NFC Championship and seat at the Super Bowl.  After some searching, we discovered that my daughter had been using her i-pad and was somehow on roaming and not synced to our Wifi…so more searching and we discovered that our Wifi router was not connecting to to the great signal in the sky.  After a couple calls to our cable, internet, and phone provider…we ended up not knowing why it was having trouble and were left with an appointment for a Tuesday service call.  Which would mean two more days without internet.  But, thinking it must be something wrong with the router itself not connecting to the ISP’s signal, because we could connect to the router from all our devices…but still couldn’t get to the internet, we decided we would unplug the router and take it to our service provider store-front first thing on Monday and get a new router to see if we could trouble shoot the problem.

Fast forward to Monday morning.  We are busy getting the kids ready for school and getting ourselves ready for our day, when my husband, Dr. Deron Jester, calls to me from the bathroom and says, “Hey, do you know what happened to the hot water?  I just took a cold shower.”  Bewildered, I said, “No, that is so weird, I haven’t used any water this morning.  But I did notice that the hot water started running out when I took a shower yesterday.”  So now we are even more frustrated thinking that we need to call a HVAC repair person to look at our hot water heater.  Our household function was not at it’s optimum, and we were experiencing a multi-system breakdown.

BUT WAIT!!!!  What does this have to do with Functional Medicine?  Well, as many know, Functional Medicine is all about looking for the underlying cause of a health crisis, not simply chasing symptoms and covering them up.  It also happens to be what my brain is thinking about, researching, and studying most days lately.  So, the Functional Medicine research center of my brain kicked in, and like the cartoon of the lightbulb going on over your head, or the movie clip of Ellen Griswold flipping on the light switch before Clark Griswold light’s up the nuclear grid with his holiday lights, I ran to the basement where the water heater and the router plug into the same outlet. We’ve had some power outages in our area over the past couple days and I wanted to check the outlet.  Sure enough those two little buttons in the middle of the outlet, “test” and “reset” were not in the correct position.  I hit “reset”, checked the circuit breaker to be sure that was on correctly, ran to get the Wifi router box (it was by the door waiting to be exchanged) and plugged it all back in.  In about 3 seconds, I heard the water heater hum back to life, and all the little lights on the router box begin to light up.  “ALLSYSTEMS ARE GO!”  We had to go back to the source of power and energy supply for both systems and start there to get both systems back up and functioning normally.  I am so thankful that we didn’t have to go to the cable company store and get new equipment, or call an HVAC company and schedule a service call….we just had to turn the power back on. Sometimes that’s what we need as well; to stop chasing symptoms and turn the power back on to all of our body systems.

Written by-Jennifer Jester, DC.  Chiropractor, and Functional Medicine expert at Jester Family Chiropractic.

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