Introducing our New Yoga Program


Every Yoga class we offer is 1-hour and suitable for All Levels! We show modifications in each class and encourage the student to always listen to their body and adjust as needed.



Class Descriptions:
Mondays 7:30pm:
YogaBody: Take your yoga practice to the next level without having to be an advanced Yogi! This class is focused on building CORE strength and balance in the entire body. A combination of repetitious movement and isometric holds to challenge your body and be sure to break a sweat!
Tuesdays 7:30pm:
Yoga Blend: Flow, deep postures, meditation… this class has it all!
Enjoy a gentle blend of flow series and stationary postures. Equally increase your flexibility, strength and balance with a wide variety of poses and sequences.
Thursdays 7:30pm:
Relax & Restore Yoga: Wind down and relax with us! A slow paced class that focuses on deep poses, breathing techniques and meditation. Ease your mind, reduce stress and rejuvenate your body.
Saturdays 9am: (Every other Sat)
Good Morning Yoga: Wake-up and start your weekend off right! An energizing morning class that focuses on sun salutations and flowing sequences to sky rocket your energy and set a positive frame of mind.