The Holidays are a time of joy, love, peace….and STRESS!!!!  This is a time when all of the expectations of the year come raining down on us. We have to find the perfect family picture from the year to put on our holiday cards. Order Holiday Cards. Address, stamp, and mail Holiday cards.  Then there is the obvious shopping for all of the gifts for family, friends, teachers, coaches, neighbors, co-workers, the mail-carrier, the garbage-guys, your dog, your cat, the family you adopted, the librarian at your library, your favorite check-out clerk at the grocery-store.  Then there is decorating and memory making… gets a little crazy!

Then of course, there’s shopping for new health insurance, and getting all of your health-care needs taken care of asap while your health insurance deductible is met and before January 1st when it all re-sets.  At work, there is all of that year-end work stuff (because everything happens at year-end). Don’t forget all the parties: Your kids school parties, your friends parties, your work parties, and the party you really want to have on an island far away-all by yourself.  I could go on…but your busy, it’s the holidays!!

At our office, we hope to be a stress-free zone for you this holiday, where you can unload all of that stress on our adjusting tables, massage tables, and on the yoga mat;  re-charge and energize yourself to feel empowered and ready to face that next holiday challenge.  We sincerely wish everyone a wonderful, joyous, loving, and peaceful holiday season, and hope that the stress doesn’t get you down….just remember to give back to yourself in the form of loving mindful- care this season so you can be ready for a terrific New Year!