Nutritional and Orthopedic Support Products

Nutritional Counseling

Simply stated, “You are what you eat.” Often, the difference between regaining health and remaining ill is the patient’s eating and drinking habits. Nutritional support and advice is available to each patient and recommendations are made based on each person’s specific goals and needs. At Jester Family Chiropractic, we offer a full line of additional products that are available to enhance the chiropractic care we offer to you here in our office. These products are designed to help you maintain proper posture, alleviate pain and assist your body’s healing. Please feel free to inquire about any of these products or services at your next visit to our office, and we will help you select to right ones for your unique health needs.

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Container of Greens First dietary supplement

Greens First

Our patients have access to some of the best products available. Greens First is a phenomenal product that we not only use ourselves, but also highly recommend for patients as a dietary supplement. The typical American Diet is full of calories but short on nutrition, especially micro and phyto-nutrients. Getting adequate levels of plants-based, whole food micro and phyto-nutrients can help a person lose excess body weight, prevent disease, improve energy levels, and regulate digestion. Greens First delivers on all of this by being a completely plant based, whole food micro-nutrient supplement that you can give to everyone in your family.

Nordic Naturals

Driven by the latest science Nordic Naturals is a research-driven company, where processing technology and product formulations are driven by the latest developments. Our dedication to innovation is grounded in scientific research guaranteed by active participation in peer-reviewed clinical studies recognized by leading experts worldwide. With a reputation for efficacy and potency, Nordic Naturals fish oils are regularly chosen, without solicitation, by independent research institutions and universities—such as Harvard University, Columbia University, National Institute of Health (NIH), Stanford University, Duke University, UCLA, and the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center—with 13 published scientific studies and more than 30 currently underway.

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Custom-Made Orthotics

Patients with certain types of spinal problems often benefit from custom-made orthotics or spinal pelvic stabilizers for additional support. These devices stabilize the foundation of the pelvis and spine by first addressing structural problems with the feet, thereby reducing abnormal forces and stresses, while enhancing structural and functional relationships. By having the proper support, your entire body has a greater chance of being balanced, which helps to decrease the stress placed on your joints.

Benefits of Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers:

  • Properly fitted Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers support the foot to control excessive and unwanted pronation (foot turning inward) and supination (foot turning outward). This helps to reduce unwanted stress on the body.
  • Improved shock absorption reduces repetitive stress on joints and muscles, permitting smoother function and decreasing arthritic symptoms.
  • Use of Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers represents a long-term, yet cost-effective intervention for many types of functional and structural problems.
  • We have the ability and the necessary equipment to scan your feet, in our office, to determine whether you can benefit from the use of custom-made spinal pelvic stabilizers

Orthopedic Pillows

Our best selling orthopedic pillow, the Tri-Core, is prized for its effectiveness in correctly aligning the spine and supporting the neck in its natural position to help relieve headaches, neck pain for side and back sleepers alike. Its patented overall design: a unique trapezoid center and two neck lobes which cushion the head and support the neck, make it the highest quality cervical support pillow available. The Tri-Core is suitable for the Correct and Maintain stages of care.

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