Personal injury & Auto Accidents

Personal Injuries & Auto Accidents

Unfortunately we are seeing more and more cases of traumatic injuries in our office. Auto accidents are on the rise and the injuries sustained from these types of accidents have a high risk of becoming chronic injuries throughout life if not treated promptly and correctly early on.  For patients who have sustained a traumatic injury whether it be an auto accident or not, it is important to receive appropriate care to correct the issue as early as possible, however we do treat cases that have become chronic as well.  We will work with a patient’s primary care doctors, other specialists, and insurance companies, and even lawyers during their care to ensure that all their care needs are being met after any personal or automobile injury.

Common Personal and Auto Accident Injuries We Treat


Acquired Deformity of the Neck and Back

Disc Herniation/Bulge

Post Traumatic Headache

Back Pain

Muscle Spasm

Joint Pain