Stress and Posture


Stress is insidious and can wreak havoc in the body.  It is often called the Silent Killer.  Todays society is full of stressors and they are only getting worse.  We are committed to removing stress from the patients bodies in as many ways as possible.  Stress can be physical from accidents, injuries, or daily activities.  Stress can be chemical from toxins, pollutants, medications, pesticides, or other chemical substances.  Stress can also be emotional from family, job, relationship, and societal stressors.  In our office we not only find that patients under chiropractic care report a general reduction in overall stress, but we also help people find solutions to reduce stress from all sources: physical, chemical, and emotional.



Posture is the window to your health.  There is and ideal normal posture that everyone should strive for whether you are 5 years old or 105 years old. Chronic postural dysfunction can put so much stress on the skeletal system and muscles that it can lead to accelerated degeneration of bones, joints, and discs in the spine, and can reduce nervous system function from the brain and spinal cord all the way through the rest of the body. If postural changes become advanced it can cause reduced breathing capacity as the ribcage becomes compressed and the other organs in the thoracic cavity, like the heart, become compromised as well.  The good news is that poor posture can be improved upon at any age, and we often work with patients on a program of corrective care to optimize posture, function, and structural biomechanics.


Common Stress & Posture Conditions We Treat:


Sleep Disturbances

Restless Leg Syndrome

Postural Neck Deformities (text neck, and other acquired postural deformities of the neck)

Postural Scoliosis

Postural deformities of the upper & Lower back

Torticollis of the Neck