Conditions We Treat

The following is a list of the most common conditions we treat.  For more information about any one group of conditions, or a specific condition, please open that condition page in the drop down menu from above.  If you have more specific questions about any condition or a condition that you do not see listed, please feel free to contact our office and one of the doctors will be happy to reach out to you with more information.

Common Neurological Conditions We Treat:

Radiating Pain/Numbness of Arms and Hands
Radiating Pain/Numbness of Legs and Feet
Disc Herniations
Disc Bulges

The Most Common Musculoskeletal Conditions We Treat:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Plantar Fasciitis
Low Back Pain
Mid-Back Pain
Neck Pain
Leg Pain
Arm & Hand Pain
Generalized Joint Pain

The Most Common Chronic Conditions We Work With:

Chronic Fatigue
Thyroid disorders
Insomnia and Sleep disorders
Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, and Insulin Resistance disorders
Autoimmune disorders
Autonomic Dysfunction/Sympathetic Dominance
Concussion Syndrome
Endocrine dysfunction
Chronic Stress
Heavy Metal Toxicity
Irritable Bowel, Leaky Gut, and Digestive disorders


Common Headache & TMJ Conditions We Treat:

Common Headache
Tension Headache
Cluster Headache
Migraine Headache
Sinus Headache
Generalized Head/Muscle Pain
Sleep Disturbances
Sinus Pain

Common Stress & Posture Conditions We Treat:

Sleep Disturbances
Restless Leg Syndrome
Postural Neck Deformities (text neck, and other acquired postural deformities of the neck)
Postural Scoliosis
Postural deformities of the upper & Lower back
Torticollis of the Neck


Common Pregnancy and Children’s Conditions We Treat:

Pre/Post Natal Chiropractic Wellness Care
Pregnancy Induced Sciatica
Fetal Breech Presentation
Infant Otitis Media (Common Ear infection)
Postural Dysfunction
Postural Scoliosis
Sports Related Injuries
General Spinal Wellness

Common Personal and Auto Accident Injuries We Treat:

Acquired Deformity of the Neck and Back
Disc Herniation/Bulge
Post Traumatic Headache
Back Pain
Muscle Spasm
Joint Pain

Sports Performance & Total Wellness