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How Jester Family Chiropractic can help you get back to better.

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Conditions we treat.

Low Back Pain & Sciatica2021-10-21T13:37:17+00:00

Lower back pain, with or without Sciatica (the radiating nerve pain that originates in the spine and extends down the affected leg), can come on for many reasons from an activity or sports related injury, auto or other accident, poor posture, degenerative spinal conditions, disc related issues, among others.  Our first priority is to find the unique cause of your low back pain, and through safe and effective chiropractic and rehabilitative treatment protocols, help get you out of pain, restore optimal biomechanics and function, and help you prevent future injury.

Neck Pain and Headaches2021-10-22T14:11:42+00:00

Neck pain can be brought on by postural dysfunction, stress, accidents and injuries, and other degenerative changes in the spine. Headaches and Neck pain are often related.  In many cases, we can use chiropractic care to offer drug free treatment to relieve pain and improve function in this part of the spine as well as relieve pain from common headaches, cluster headaches, migraines, sinus headaches, sinus pain, generalized head and neck pain, as well as related sleep disorders.

Musculoskeletal Conditions2021-10-19T14:00:56+00:00

We improve spinal and joint balance and motion, taking the stress off the spine, joints, and corresponding muscles, to relieve low- and mid-back pain, neck pain, leg pain, arm and hand pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and generalized joint pain.

Sports Performance & Wellness2021-10-19T14:14:46+00:00

From competitive athletes who want to enhance their performance to people who just want to support their bodies so they can keep doing the activities they love, we provide chiropractic care to healthy people who want to stay that way.


We care for women throughout pregnancy and help them with a variety of issues, from sciatica and lower back pain to fetal breech presentation through use of the Webster Technique. Women who receive chiropractic care during pregnancy report less pain and discomfort, better sleep, more energy, and often easier and less complicated labor and delivery.


We see children for a wide range of chiropractic issues, from chronic ear infections in the very young to sports-related injuries in teens. And we check children of all ages for postural disfunction, postural scoliosis, stress, musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, sprains, strains, and more.

Chronic Conditions2021-10-19T14:01:11+00:00

Instead of just treating symptoms, we take a patient-centered, whole-body approach, using the latest technology and Functional Medicine protocols, to address the underling issues that lead to chronic conditions, including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, thyroid disorders, insomnia and sleep disorders, chronic stress, weight control, and irritable bowel, and other digestive

Neurological Conditions2021-10-19T14:00:43+00:00

We restore proper joint mobility and alignment, reducing joint and nerve stress, to relieve conditions like sciatica, tingling and numbness in the arms and hands, radiating pain in the upper and lower extremities, and disc herniations and bulges.


We help people find solutions to reduce stress from all sources: physical, chemical, and emotional.


We can work with patients on a program of corrective care to optimize posture and address issues like postural neck deformities, postural scoliosis, postural deformities of the upper and lower back, and torticollis of the neck. We can also help alleviate the negative effects of postural stresses due to poor work and home ergonomics.


By restoring proper function in the spine and proper biomechanics of the skull and cervical spine, we can often reduce stress, strain, and disfunction of the temporal mandibular joint.

Personal Injury & Auto Accidents2021-10-19T14:14:31+00:00

We treat patients who have sustained traumatic injuries like whiplash, muscle spasm, post traumatic headache, and more. And we work with a patient’s primary care doctors, specialists, insurance companies, and even lawyers to make sure all their care needs are being met.

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