Meet our team.

Jester Family Chiropractic optimal health ,athletics and sports injuries, pre/postnatal spinal concerns, children’s spinal issues, geriatric spinal needs

Dr. Deron L. Jester

(BS, DC, CCWP, CPN), Co-Owner/Director

As Founder and Director of Jester Family Chiropractic, I’m passionate about and committed to empowering people to reach their optimal level of health and function and maintain peak performance levels throughout their lifetime.

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Functional Medicine, pediatric chiropractic care pre/postnatal chiropractic care, the Webster Technique, pregnancy

Dr. Jennifer E. Jester

(BS, DC, CFMP), Co-Owner/Co-Founder, Functional Medicine Practitioner

As the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Jester Family Chiropractic, I’m really proud of the culture of trust, communication, and high-quality care we’ve built with our team and our patients.

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improve health headaches, neck and back pain, athletes and sports injuries, expectant mothers

Dr. Greg Parsons

(BS, DC), Associate Chiropractor

After running a private chiropractic practice in Southern Chester County for 11 years with my wife, I joined the Jester Family Chiropractic team in 2018 to help more people improve their health.

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therapeutic massage bodywork pain management deep tissue sports massage Trigger Point, Myofascial, Ashiatsu, Miu Xing, Hot Stone, Instrument Assisted

Carolyn Clark

Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist

Jester Chiropractic is the perfect fit for me because of my passion for holistic health, which started in childhood.  After experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care and massage for my chronic neck pain and headaches, I knew that I wanted to help others in my community.

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public health personal health supportive office environment Office Manager Health Promotion

Tracy Klebes

Office Manager

After being in the restaurant business for over 20 years, I decided to make a career change that led me to Jester Family Chiropractic in September 2020.

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Patient Care wellness and alternative medicine office staff

Aimee Beaver

Senior Patient Care Coordinator

I’ve always had an interest in wellness and alternative medicine—which makes Jester Family Chiropractic a great place for me to work. I enjoy the closeness of the office staff and the friendly interactions with patients.

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Deanna Stissi

Patient Relationship Manager

My passion for helping others achieve their wellness goals has brought me back to the Jester team.  As a team member from 2014-2018 and now, I value being an advocate for our patients, helping educate them on our various services and products to best suit their individual needs. I’ve been a fitness instructor for over 15 years offering safe and functional exercise to people of all ages and fitness levels.

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