Every day our senses are overwhelmed with a barrage of toxic stress. Over time, this impacts our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.  CALM THERAPY is your way to get back to who you want to be and how you want to feel.

At Jester Chiropractic our 25-minute CALM THERAPY sessions combine 5 functional therapy techniques that heal and calm your body and mind.

This combination of therapeutic technique includes frequency specific micro current, pulsed magnetic therapy, guided meditation, LED red light therapy bathing, and relaxing chair message.  This unique combination of therapies work synergistically to help reset your body’s optimal physical and mental state.

C – Clear Mind
A – Activate Healing
L- Lower Stress
M- Maximize Energy

Read below to hear a firsthand experience:

I’m graciously led by a staff member to an intimate spot of the office which is known as the “Calm Zone”. It immediately felt like an exclusive therapy that was set up especially for me. I was asked to kick off my shoes and get comfy in a big cushiony massage chair. As I sat down and melted into the cocoon-like chair, I instantly knew this was going to be a “calming” experience.

As the massage rollers rolled up and down my back, legs, and feet the tension in my muscles started to fade. As the assistant set the proper controls, I started to lean back into zero gravity sinking more into the cocoon-like chair feeling weightless. Now that I’m physically at ease, the assistant connects me to several different state-of-the-art technologies that silently recharge the energy source in my cells.

A heated sensation is distributed over my body through a LED red light creating a calming effect. Next, a headset is placed on my head covering my ears and eyes bringing my mental focus within. Now the 25-minute session begins with a guided meditation that consists of positive affirmations, goal setting, healthy living tips- transforming any negative emotions into positive ones. The hypnotic sound of voices, music, and the twinkle of blue lights

over my closed eyelids, forced me to shut out the world and focus on my self-healing. After the mind and body stimulation was complete, I slowly came out of my personal cocoon and felt a sense of calmness and clarity- ready to take on the day!

Clear Mind, Activate Healing, Lower Stress, Maximize Energy

Clear Mind, Activate Healing, Lower Stress, Maximize Energy

Clear Mind, Activate Healing, Lower Stress, Maximize Energy